Family Law

At Belleli King & Associates we pride ourselves of providing modern, practical and outcome driven family law services.
The breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most stressful and difficult experiences to deal with in one’s life. This is because a relationship breakdown is likely to affect more than just you and your former partner, but will involve multiple third parties including children, grand parents and other significant people in your family.
Apart from the incredible emotional strain a relationship breakdown has on couples, the financial burden of not knowing how to correctly and easily deal with your shared financial assets and liabilities can be daunting and in many ways easily mismanaged.
It is important to keep in mind that family law works differently to other areas of legal practice in that the property does not need to be registered in both parties name to be viewed and dealt with as joint matrimonial property for the purposes of family law.
Our skilled family law team can help you with a range of family law issues including:
Property Settlements
Division of Property & Assets
Parenting and children’s living arrangements
De Facto Relationship
Same-sex De Facto Relationships
Representation in Courts, Mediations, and Settlement Conferences
Court document preparation and procedure
International parenting disputes
And more...


With the growing cost of family law proceedings there is always the temptation to avoid lawyers in family law matters. This is despite research indicating more favourable and fair outcomes are achieved in family law matters through the assistance of lawyers.
If you are choosing to self represent in family law proceedings it is recommended by Courts and Legal Services that you seek at least some initial legal advice to help you plan and handle your family law matter.
At Belleli King & Associates we can provide 1-2 hour appointments at set fees for helping you map out and plan your family law matter. There is no obligation that we represent you, however you will obtain valuable advice concerning Court procedure and document preparation.

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Family Law