The information on this page details the privacy policy of Belleli King & Associates Lawyers in relation to our privacy obligations to you as an individual and client or potential client.
The policy also governs our management of personal information about you which is collected by us as result of us acting for you or from you accessing our website. We are committed to the protection of your privacy. Our aim is to provide an online environment that will ensure that the information that you provide to us will be handled in a secure, efficient and confidential manner as possible.

Protecting your privacy and confidentiality of your “personal information” is very important to us. Personal Information means information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database) we hold about you from which we can determine your identity. For example, we will collect your name, address and other pertinent details when we take instructions from you in relation to your particular matter. Collecting and using this personal information ensures we can deliver our services to you as efficiently as possible. At Belleli King & Associates, we know that giving your personal information to us imposes a serious responsibility upon us. We are committed to protecting your personal information. Any personal information that we collect about you, whether through our website or through your dealings with us, will only be used for the purposes for which we have collected it, or as allowed by law.

We collect your personal information for the purposes of providing the services that you have requested of us, and in managing our ongoing relationship. The personal information we collect from you ultimately allows us to provide you with more accurate advice and a better service.

With limited exceptions such as your name and address, this information is generally subject to legal professional privilege, but maybe required to be disclosed to other parties in the process of our acting for you. Other parties may include:
Courts and Tribunals in all jurisdictions. Please note in this regard the Family Law Rules 2004 require us to advise the court and the other party as to the amount and source of funding of your legal costs from time to time;
Statutory authorities (for example, Land Titles Office, State Revenue Office and ASIC);
Barristers, agents, valuers, expert witnesses, financial institutions, superannuation funds, process servers, title searchers, storage facilities and archive services, and other external parties who provide services in connection with the operation of our legal practice and the conduct of your matter;
Persons such as relatives, friends, partners, accountants, advisers and medical and mental health service providers with whom we have your instructions or express or implied authority to communicate in relation to your affairs.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is kept confidential and secure at all times. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is protected by storing it in a secure environment. We may store your personal information on paper and electronic form. We will also take reasonable steps to protect any personal information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
Our staff are required to adhere to a confidentiality agreement that is binding upon them throughout their period of employment and after its termination. Our information technology systems and premises are the subject of security controls. We have in place generally accepted standards of technology and operational security in order to keep your personal information safe.

Please let us know if you have any queries in relation to any aspect of the above policy at
This policy may change over time in light of changes in privacy laws, the technology available and changes in business practices.